Thanks to Fox News and the Zealot Resa Aslan for letting us decide!

God's Word and is definitely "THE BEST BOOK OF THIS YEAR" .. or any other

The #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER IS "The Bible" .. God's Word and is definitely "THE BEST BOOK OF THIS YEAR" .. or any other in our lifetime! God does not seek out any Good Housekeeping Seals, Booklist Accolades, or Publishers Weekly Reviews - nor does God have to send out any Publishers Sweepstakes or Editorial Reviews on Amazon - so let's start there as a premise.

I was recently exposed to a Muslim biographer named Reza Aslan, author of a book called 'Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth' .. and BigDaddy thinks this is noting more than a big ploy by the left-wing media and other liberals and atheists to show that the real "Zealot is Aslan" .. because from what I could hear Aslan is the a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of his own personal religious views, his own political and Muslim ideals - Aslan seems to be a liar which would be par for the course for his personal fanatic, extremist, activist viewpoints in his book - The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.

If you look at and listen to the ORIGINAL FOX INTERVIEW .. it becomes easy to see that the liberal media really miss reality in their jabs at Lauren Green's interview with 'Zealot' author Aslan. Remember .. In the liberal media, one dare not ever question the motives of Muslims .. or their fanaticism. There’s nothing the left likes better than attacking Fox News in the name of "self-righteousness" as they all do their liberal media “analysis” that always revolves around activity that will defend Islam and bash Christians. That was the case when Lauren Green, religion correspondent for Fox News interviewed the controversial author of the new book “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.” Green dared to ask Reza Aslan, a Muslim who converted to Christianity and then back to Islam, the most obvious of questions: “Now, I want to clarify: You are a Muslim, so why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity?” GOOD QUESTION RIGHT? .. it's like asking Vladimir Putin, President of Russia why he would write a book on American "politics" .. or maybe "LIFE IN AMERICA"? .. the question is obvious - WHY? .. for Money? .. to Stir Controversy? to Further The Goals of The Leaders of Islam? .. or maybe try to muster some tourism from America to places like - Mecca​, Masjid al-Haram, Al-Masjidan-​Nabawi or the Dome of the ​Rock or maybe sell more newspapers for The Washington Post?

I think Reza Aslan owes an apology to America! he must think we are “stupid and prejudicial" when people want to know what are Azlan's credentials for having written such a book? Apparently The Washington Post, and other news outlets need a refresher course on the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. It states: “The public is entitled to as much information as possible on sources' reliability.” .. and here is as it turns out about the "Zealot Aslan" .. as he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame .. his potty mouth on Twitter, #RezaAslan @rezaaslan really show his stuff .. Tweeters mock Newsweek's #MuslimRage cover and Azlan shows his lack of professionalism... just read an excerpt or two from ZEALOT: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan - then find that storyline on and see who you want to follow .. or believe?

I just love all the Liberal media sharks that continue the feeding frenzy over this ‘Zealot’ interview story .. can't wait til President Obama get hold of it! Sure, I also believe in Aslan ’s right to hold and propagate his own opinion. It’s a right granted to Muslims, Catholics, Mormons, Christians and even Islamic Terrorists and all the rest here in America - we call it - The Constitution! I detect that reporters who simply don’t understand that RezaAslan has a horse in this race. He is not  a Christian .. He is a Muslim! He needs to "self justify" his personal beliefs and actions because deep within he knows he alone will be "judged" by Jesus Christ!  Think about this .. Reza Aslan is a Los Angeles based author and a frequent writer on Muslim issues - WHY? Why does the media Ignore threats like 'Flag of Islam' flying over the White House stories .. or chastise conservatives like the Rev. Franklin Graham for pointing out the dangers of radical Islam - The liberal media dares not ever question the motives of Muslims in America - WHY NOT?

I guess I can say that a favorite ridiculous headline would be the one: “Reza Aslan: Speaking Truth to Power.” Aslan’s so-called truth is that Jesus was not the son of God. - Who Does He Think He Is? So all the left-wing web blogs, bloggers, forums etc. like Buzzfeed, Salon, The New Republic, Alternet – churned out the story to make liberals fume with anger at the right wing Christians .. followed by the traditional media – the Post, New York Times, CNN et al. as Aslan whined to Piers Morgan that it was “distasteful” to be asked about his credentials. WHY? Then Morgan, taking a break from his crusade against Our US Constitution, called the questions “ridiculous.” .. WHY?

During the interview with Fox I heard Aslan call his book “an historical biography of a man named Jesus of Nazareth" - when in fact all Aslan is doing is supporting the principle tenet of his faith - ISLAM!  Yet he is shocked - that some like me feel he is “attacking my faith.” - that’s exactly what he is doing!

So what do we find when we "dig into" Aslan's Credentials - well first among the Islamists and supporters of Sharia law, Aslan is one individual who is making money by misrepresenting himself and his credentials: Aslan is a "tireless self-promoter", not so different than PT Barnum The Big Three Ring Circus Guy - remember the phrase - "There's a sucker born every minute" it's a phrase most likely spoken by David Hannum, not Barnum - but both PTBarnum and Reza Aslan are American showman and both their customers are those who lay down the cash - buy books and BS! .. the bottom line is many people are gullible and stupid - and we can expect this to continue. Reza Aslan, after 9/11, found the environment ripe in the United States to make profits by exaggerating and fabricating his qualifications and his Muslim beliefs.

So, in passing, I will add some things I have been reading and hearing from The Bible in Matthew 7 , NIRV, to Be Fair When You Judge Others ..

7 “Do not judge others. Then you will not be judged. 2 You will be judged in the same way you judge others. You will be measured in the same way you measure others. 3 “You look at the bit of sawdust in your friend’s eye. But you pay no attention to the piece of wood in your own eye. 4 How can you say to your friend, ‘Let me take the bit of sawdust out of your eye’? How can you say this while there is a piece of wood in your own eye? 5 “You pretender! First take the piece of wood out of your own eye. Then you will be able to see clearly to take the bit of sawdust out of your friend’s eye. 6 “Do not give holy things to dogs. Do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they might walk all over them. Then they might turn around and tear you to pieces.
In Fairness to Fox News and Others
.. we all need to be diligent and perceptive .. so we - Ask, Search, Knock

7 “Ask, and it will be given to you. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you. 8 Everyone who asks will receive. He who searches will find. The door will be opened to the one who knocks. 9 “Suppose your son asks for bread. Which of you will give him a stone? 10 Or suppose he asks for a fish. Which of you will give him a snake? 11 Even though you are evil, you know how to give good gifts to your children. How much more will your Father who is in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! 12 “In everything, do to others what you would want them to do to you. This is what is written in the Law and in the Prophets.  .. and knowing that we all will face judgement for everything we do in this life - we all will enter into That Judgement - Catholic, Muslim, Islamic terrorists, Monks, Priests, Jews, Pharisees, Prophets, Baptists, Evangelists - All

The Large and Small Gates

13 “Enter God’s kingdom through the narrow gate. The gate is large and the road is wide that lead to death and hell. Many people go that way. 14 But the gate is small and the road is narrow that lead to life. Only a few people find it. SO WHAT ARE WE TO DO .. Today?  Be politically correct? OR DO WE JUDGE ..  A Tree and Its Fruit15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you pretending to be sheep. But on the inside they are hungry wolves. 16 You can tell what they really are by what they do. “Do people pick grapes from bushes? Do they pick figs from thorns? 17 In the same way, every good tree bears good fruit. But a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree can’t bear bad fruit. And a bad tree can’t bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down. It is thrown into the fire. 20 You can tell each tree by its fruit. 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven. Only those who do what my Father in heaven wants will enter. 22 “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord! Lord! Didn’t we prophesy in your name? Didn’t we drive out demons in your name? Didn’t we do many miracles in your name?’ 23 Then I will tell them clearly, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who do evil!’

So in closing today - I will write of what i find out about the Fruits of Aslan - First of all, Reza Aslan has continuously presented himself as a "professor of religion" - and this is done to sell his few books, which lack academic and credible references. In one of his recent interviews, Aslan claims, “I am a scholar of religions with four degrees including one in the New Testament" -- WOW!! -- He also claims to be an "expert with a Ph.D. in the history of religions" - a DOUBLE WOW!! WOW! and Aslan claims to be a professor of religions, including the New Testament – that’s what I do for a living, he says... and more - he states: To be clear, I want to emphasize one more time, I am a historian, I am a Ph.D. in the history of religions. Aslan supposedly Tweeted recently: #Twitter, “I have a BA, MA and PhD in the history of #Western #Religions so yes, again, I am an ACTUAL expert in #Judaism.” - So here is the "fruit" that falls at the bottom of his tree - In actuality, Reza Aslan is not a “professor of religion,” and what he claims he does “for a living” is an outrageous inaccuracy. Reza Aslan is an associate professor in the Creative Writing program at the University of California, Riverside.  He teaches there based on his Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction from Iowa, his relevant academic credential. In addition, Reza Aslan received his PhD in sociology – not “History of Religions” – from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2009.

Thanks to the internet .. the liberals .. and Fox News - for bringing us the story - and letting us decide!

Intercede or write an obituary - CONCLUSION

The question becomes what should we do for a friend or loved one?

In Colossians 1:9-12,   Paul includes a powerful prayer for his fellow Christians. His example gives us six (6) ways to intercede on another person’s behalf - in conclusion consider this: 

When Paul wrote this he did not have Matthew 7:7-11 to read .. so I might suggest you consider what it says ..   then IN CONCLUSION  .. 

6. Keep Praying that your friend will come to express joyous gratitude to Our Father for His grace and mercy.  Contemplate the Name of God - "El-Channun" .. The Gracious God - Our Father Who Is Most Gracious to us .. His children!

Speak to God about the challenges to remain thankful .. especially when it seems we’re experiencing unpleasant circumstances .. everything seems to come against us to steal our joy and diminish our witness - remember that Satan often uses times of difficulty to bombard us with destructive thoughts, negative things, and even some negative things said to us by others - Pray that your friend - son or daughter - neighbor - will have a thankful heart, maybe develop a smile or share a word of gratitude with others as a testament to the good work of God in his or her life.

In Conclusion - As Christians, we are connected to Our Father - God Almighty, El Shaddai, OUR All Sufficient God  who has authority over all things, knows all things, and loves us unconditionally. And He wants to hear the desires of our hearts and give us wonderful blessings through our relationship with His Son Jesus - If we come to Him asking for wisdom and the strength to walk in His ways, He will answer our prayers - and if you have any doubt whatsoever then take this moment to read Psalm 91 -

Think about someone whose life you want to impact for eternal good .. who has been on your heart lately .. of whom have you been dreaming about and it's been bugging you as to "why"? ..  Spend time each morning petitioning God to work in that person’s life, according to Paul’s example in Colossians 1:9-12 .. and when one of your friends asks you -- what can I pray about for YOU .. share and ask them to pray for you in this same way. Then, as you intercede for others, you will begin to see God - and Praise His NAME as He changes their lives and they also experience the blessings of His Holy Name.


Interceding for Others - PART 2

In Colossians 1:9-12, Paul includes a powerful prayer for his fellow Christians. His example gives us six (6) ways to intercede on another person’s behalf.

1. The Biblical Name for The God of Knowledge is "El Deot" .. and as you pray "Our Father" .. praise His Holy Name .. and ask God to be with your friend .. that they may be filled with the knowledge of El Deot .. and that The Spirit of Jesus will give them wisdom and understanding .. or guidance in the Name of Jehovah Rohi  .. Our God and Father Who Shepherds and Guides Us .. the ONE Who "directs our path" .. ask God to give them a "Word" .. and ask that the word may be a "lamp unto their feet"  ( Psalm 119:105 )   

God is ready to show us exactly what to do in any given situation. As Psalm Psalm 32:8  says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.”  JUST REMEMBER THIS - You don’t have to say, “Show my friend Your will—if it’s Your will.” His promise to do so is sure and clear. Ask the Lord to give your loved one spiritual discernment and clear direction about His desires .. or illness, or decision making .. but BE SPECIFIC - if you know specifics!  

2. Pray and ask God to "guide" your friend .. or the person .. that they might walk in a manner worthy of the Lord Jesus Christ and please God ( Jehovah Rohi ) in all respects. 

If you know the person is a believer, then you "know" he is called to emulate the life of Christ - his words and behavior should match the character and attitude of Jesus. Pray that your friend would recognize the great privilege of being part of God’s kingdom .. that your friend might come to know the Character of God .. by the Power of His Holy Name!

If he does not know Jesus as his Savior, ask the Lord to make Himself known in your friend’s life - ask God to show you little ways to "share" on facebook, or Twitter, or some other means - so that he would become a child of The Most High God and give glory to the Lord through obedience and repentance.

3. Pray that your friend .. your neighbor .. your son or daughter .. the person showing signs of a gay lifestyle .. poor decision making and choices ..  pray that they will come to know Jesus and bear fruit in every good thing they do .. and s bear fruit in every good work .. and not lead others astray .. and remember as you pray these things - being busy doesn’t always mean that we are also being fruitful. Pray that your friend will wisely invest his time and resources for the sake of God’s Kingdom - to have an eternal impact rather than a temporal one. 

 4. Praying that your friend .. or the Muslim Lady living next door, or the Jewish man at the deli, the kids at day care, or your sons or daughters friends .. might grow increasingly in the knowledge of the Lord .. and might learn of the God of All Knowledge .. El Deot

We all have a spiritual hunger that only God can satisfy. Try as we might to quench it with other things - nothing can take the place of a right relationship with Our Father in Heaven - just think about the "one prayer" Jesus gave to His friends and disciples - The Lord's Prayer!  Finding spiritual fulfillment is possible only through prayer, reading God's Word, listening to God's Words and Teachings through ministers and teachers and expositors of The Word and applying His Word to our lives, and observing the results. Pray that your friend will develop a hunger for God and seek Him through Scripture - and again ask how you might be "fruitful" in this endeavor?

 5. May my friend be strengthened with all power, according to God’s glorious might and power! Take a moment here and as The Spirit of God leads you .. just review The Names of God .. and praise the Name of El Hakkavod - the God of Glory!  

If you know someone going through a crisis, don’t stop praying for the power of God to work in his or her life. Keep on keeping on .. and seek the Names of God  .. asking that on behalf of your friend, God will provide ( Jehovah Jireh ) strength to remain steadfast in the truth, regardless of the circumstances. Keep praying for the person to be empowered to do God's will, through His Son Jesus - for the Glory and Honor of God, Our Father!


Interceding On Behalf of Others - Part 1

Interceding for Others before writing an obituary

Interceding for Others ...  before the writing of an obituary may be a timely subject to discuss these days .. considering that you and I can always go to Jesus in our time of need, the question becomes - what should we do for a friend or loved one going through - a life crisis, battle with cancer, doubt about life, job searching, questions about moving, domestic violence, leaving for a shelter, marriage counseling, life difficulty, missing child, mid-life crisis, old age, quarter-life crisis, getting married, moving out, relevant life issues, crisis intervention, suicide thoughts, insecurity, depression, seeking a guardian, adoption, attending church, mid-life-crisis, mortality, seeking God, andro-pause, menopause, death of parent, grief, unemployment,  underemployment, career changes, empty nest, low self esteem, low achievement, poor self image, career, work-life balance, marriage, romantic relationship, affair, large expenditures, physical changes, appearance, gay lifestyle - a good question, right?

How can we pray for someone God has brought to mind, even if we don’t know the exact details of their situation? Maybe God used a "dream" about someone you have not seen or heard from in years? Or maybe you have doubts about praying for someone God has brought to your minds-eye because you don’t know the details of their situation?

In Colossians 1:9-12 (NIRV) .. listen to what Paul writes .. 9 That’s why we have not stopped praying for you. We have been praying for you since the day we heard about you. We have been asking God to fill you with the knowledge of what he wants. We pray that he will give you spiritual wisdom and understanding. 10 We pray that you will lead a life that is worthy of the Lord. We pray that you will please him in every way. So we want you to bear fruit in every good thing you do. We want you to grow to know God better. 11 We want you to be very strong, in keeping with his glorious power. We want you to be patient. Never give up. Be joyful 12 as you give thanks to the Father. He has made you fit to share with all his people. You will all receive a share in the kingdom of light.

1. The Biblical Name for The God of Knowledge is "El Deot" .. and as you pray "Our Father" .. praise His Holy Name .. and ask God to be with your friend .. that they may be filled with the knowledge of El Deot .. and that The Spirit of Jesus will give them wisdom and understanding .. or guidance in the Name of Jehovah Rohi  .. Our God and Father Who Shepherds and Guides Us .. the ONE Who "directs our path" .. ask God to give them a "Word" .. and ask that the word may be a "lamp unto their feet"  ( Psalm 119:105 )   

El Rachum - Our God The God of Compassion

Our God Hears YOU - Don’t be afraid!

As the internet directs us to - 'Ex intimis visceribus misericordia commoveor'.   .. watch a little "truth" .. see what it means today ... - I must suppose that when Jesus looked upon certain sights and situations -  those who watched him closely might have perceived that his "internal agitation" was great .. his emotions were running very deep .. and then his face betrayed it as His eyes gushed like fountians with tears of pity and compassion .. for Jesus Christ is the Fullness of God His Father .. El Rachum .. The God of Compassion.

In Matthew 9:35-38, we read about the "Compassion of Jesus" .. 35 Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people. 36 But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd. 37 Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  38 Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

Every where you look in the New Testament you will see that The "Heart of Jesus" is ready to burst with pity for the sorrow upon which his eyes are gazing. Jesus see right into our hearts and into our very souls .. He knows our thoughts and all that we feel. Even today .. if you will but turn your heart toward Hime .. He is moved with compassion. His whole nature was to reach out to those in need - those who suffer and are in pain. You .. your husband .. a brother or sister .. Mom or Dad .. those to whom everything seems impossible .. families wrecked and emotional .. those torn by horrific events of this life - Tsunami's , Hurricanes, Flooding, Loss of Jobs - LOSS OF A LOVED ONE!

Today our families and friends are swept away into make believe thoughts by watching our televisions or spending endless hours on #YouTube, #Twitter or #Facebook .. as our families are being torn apart, scattered, and ravaged helplessly by the one who goes about like a "roaring lion" to seek out, ravage and destroy ..

Ask God today .. ASK Our Father, The God of Compassion .. to allow you to have "eyes to see"  .. "ears to hear" .. "eyes to hear" .. and "ears to see" - the desperation of someone around you .. those seeking to find true life .. or to hear the sounds of a little boy or girl crying out for some help .. someone needing safety .. maybe a missionariy or fellow worker .. maybe your next door neighbor?

Maybe showing "compassion" means boxing up some cloths or food for those who have just lost everything  .. sending up prayers or prayer requests on your Facebook or twitter .. maybe crying tears and sobbing for someone in your prayer closet .. today you might be the "walking wounded" .. feeling invisible and forgotten to everyone .. but, please KNOW THIS TODAY - Our God, El Rachum, sees you and He cares deeply with a compassion that is impossible to end. Your prayers and tears will not be wasted, Our God Hears Them - Don’t be afraid!


See The Light - Move away from Darkness


John 1 says ..

9 The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world. 10 The Word was in the world that was made through him. But the world did not recognize him. 11 He came to what was his own. But his own people did not accept him.  12 Some people did accept him. They believed in his name..

When we are in the "dark" .. nothing is more satisfying than "light" .. and according to scripture - God is "unnapproachable light" ... 1 Timothy 6:16 says - God is the only one who can’t die. He lives in light that no one can get close to. No one has seen him. No one can see him.

We know that Jesus came to reveal the Father to us .. John 14:8-17 clearly says this ..  .

We use many names for Jesus—the Christ, Teacher, Messiah, Prophet, and King, among other Names .. But one name stands out as a comprehensive description of the Lord’s purpose - the Lamb of God. His miracles and teachings were all remarkable, but even greater was His death on the cross... for through his death and resurrection of our Lord,  .. and through our relationship with Him .. we can call God OUR FATHER ..

According to Romans 8:14-16 (NIRV) 14 Those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. 15 You didn’t receive a spirit that makes you a slave to fear once again. Instead you received the Holy Spirit, who makes you God’s child. By the Spirit’s power we call God “Abba.” Abba means Father. 16 The Spirit himself joins with our spirits. Together they give witness that we are God’s children.

Part of The Body - Christains Worldwide

Welcome to The Family .. The One Body  ..

One Body but Many Parts

Our body has parts .. we are here in the US .. you are there in --------

Yet we are one body in Christ Jesus .. it does not matter what "nantionality" .. We are all given the same Spirit of Christ. God has placed each part in the body just as he wants it .. and though there are many parts, still only one body of believers - and we are all in the family of Christians. Not everyone in the body is an apostle or a prophet .. not all are teachers .. but each of us plays our part .. read 1 Corinthians 12:12-29 here .. 

Get a clear picture .. and ask God to show you what your role in the body of Christ should be.. in your local church .. in your family .. with your friends ..


Jehovah Shammah - Our God and Ever-Present Friend

Revelations of God's Character Through Jesus' Holy Spirit

If you ask your friends - “What one thing do you want most in life?”  - I’m sure their answers would come down to one popular answer - "happiness" ..
Everyone wants to be happy, and a life free of pain and suffering - RIGHT? 
But happiness is usually subjective in nature and changes with one's circumstances - "happiness" might come for a while after you are promoted or when you come from the doctor's office and "good health" is the prognosis ..  or when you spend a quality vacation or even a date - with someone you "love" ..

But there’s a problem with each of these, isn't there? - What happens when the circumstances change? .. when you lose your job or your health, or discover your loved one has "cancer" - When these things happen, we can also very quickly change our tune and become unhappy. What does this mean? .. should happiness be our main goal in life? What does God's Word say about "being happy" .. what we really should be seeking is "joy" in contrast to happiness, joy doesn’t depend on your circumstances - but upon your rel;ationship with God. We also know that happiness can be a by product of joy - but real joy won’t change with your circumstances. It does not matter if you are on the mountaintop or in the valley, abundance or loss The JOY of The Lord will last. 
The apostle Paul said it best in Philippians 4:12, I know what it’s like not to have what I need. I also know what it’s like to have more than I need. I have learned the secret of being content no matter what happens. I am content whether I am well fed or hungry. I am content whether I have more than enough or not enough. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find that kind of joy in our lives?

The GOOD NEWS - You can! And you only need to  look in the Word of God. Start reading the book of Philippians, and see what God has for you and count the different times that the words joy or rejoice are mentioned. Joy in suffering? Joy in serving? Joy in believing? Joy in giving? Joy in all circumstances? - But what is the "secret" source of all this "joy" ? .. The secret is in the key verse of Philippians 4:4 - Always be joyful because you belong to the Lord. I will say it again. Be joyful.   You see, true joy is found “in the Lord Jesus and your relationship with Him .. when we can know Him intimately, trust Him wholeheartedly, and treasure Him above all things, you and I will have real joy in our lives. And that "joy" will not depart from us - when life gets difficult because the Spirit of Jehovah Shammah will not allow it when life gets difficult. Take hold of the wonderful, supernatural joy that Our Father gives to you through Jesus Christ - the very "fullness" of Jehovah Shammah become man .. and whatever your situation might be, you will find contentment. And then you will find joy! True, lasting, and unchanging joy!


50 Years Without Jesus in Afganastan

Received this from my partners at GMO today  ..

Dear C J,
He lived half a century without Jesus. But today a grateful man from Afghanistan shares this .. “I love my Lord and I hope He accept me. Jesus Christ, I need you. I wish I can escape from my world and drop the 50 years I lived life as Muslim. I need you Jesus. I pray to receive Jesus for the first time.”

Our hope and our goal is to reach out to those people in the Middle East - from Arabs, Turks, Turkomans, Persians, Kurds, Azeris, Copts, Jews, Assyrians, Maronites, Circassians, Somalis, Armenians, Druze and numerous additional minor ethnic groups forming other significant populations. The history of the Middle East dates back to ancient times, and throughout its history, the Middle East has been a major center of world affairs. When discussing its ancient history, however, the term Near East is more commonly used. The Middle East is also the historical origin of major religions including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as the less common Baha'i faith, Mandaeism, Druze faith and others - who are searching for answers online. They can end up at our website – and accept Jesus!

Our hope and prayer is that visitors to our site will continue to experience "life-changing" discoveries through the work of the Holy Spirit - and that together - more people looking for hope can also say, “I need you, Jesus!”

Get in touch with God - know in your "knower"

When you get in touch with the voice in your head .. go with what you "know" in your "knower" .. and remember the Power of The 'WORD" made flesh ( Jesus ) .. and having become a man ..

ASK GOD .. Why Did Jesus Have to Be a Man?

Remember .. No man has seen God in all His glory except the very unique, special Son of the Most High ( Jesus Christ ) .. who has a special relationship with the Father, and the Holy Spirit - all three are "ONE" .. and Jesus clearly explained His Father ..

Secondly, a human had to die for the sins of humanity .. no goats, bulls, birds were sufficient to "pay the price" .. So God Himself, out of love for all the people He created, paid the debt by taking on human form Himself and sent His only begotten Son to die on a cross at Calvary. So you ASK? .. How can Jesus be God and man?  Remember .. ONLY GOD KNOWS ALL ... and Jesus has two natures, He is God and man. The Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, became a man so that we might have "true life" and have it more abundantly. Jesus had to become man, and WHY? .. this is well supported in the Bible.

Hebrews 2:17-18 (NIRV) says:  So he had to be made like his brothers in every way. Then he could serve God as a kind and faithful high priest. And then he could pay for the sins of the people by dying for them. He himself suffered when he was tempted. Now he is able to help others who are being tempted.

And also in Hebrews 4:14-15 says this: Jesus Is the Great High Priest -  We have a great high priest. He has gone up into the heavens. He is Jesus the Son of God. So let us hold firmly to what we say we believe. We have a high priest who can feel it when we are weak and hurting. We have a high priest who has been tempted in every way, just as we are. But he did not sin.

All the above came out of a quote someone sent me about some guy named Tolle .. and since I had never even heard of him .. and because I don't watch Oprah .. I thought I'd look him up online - he's exactly waht the Bible calls someone who "tickles peoples ears" from what I read - WOW!! .. so I extracted what jumped out at me ..

Yet Tolle's occasional realism and practical wisdom are outweighed by a worldview at odds with central Christian convictions. First, he argues that there is no ultimate distinction between humans and God since all is one. From this monistic perspective, Tolle scorns common Western usage of the term God: "There can be no subject-object relationship here, no duality, no you and God."

Not only is there no you and God—Tolle also claims there's no actual you. Pulling a page from Buddhism, Tolle says the human self is an illusion, and belief in it is the main reason for human suffering. "If a fish is born in your aquarium and you call him John, write out a birth certificate, tell him about his family history, and two minutes later he gets eaten by another fish—that's tragic," he writes in The Power of Now. "But it's only tragic because you projected a separate self where there was none." Tolle even tries to argue that Jesus affirmed this view when he told his disciples to deny themselves (Mark 8:34). According to Tolle, Jesus meant, "Negate (and thus undo) the illusion of self."

Yet the New Testament's concerns about self have to do with its corruption, not its existence. Jesus lamented those who gain the whole world but lose their very selves. The New Testament's call for the eradication of self comes in the context of the new self created in Christ (Col. 2:9-10).

Tolle's reworking of Hindu monism and Buddhist no-self thought may be popular, but one wonders whether claims such as "time isn't precious at all, because it is an illusion" and "both death and the body are illusions" resonate with American readers. Then there are Tolle's impenetrable claims, such as "the energy frequency of the mind appears to be essentially male" and "at the level of Being, all suffering is recognized as an illusion." There are moments in the webcast when even Oprah seems to have no idea what he's talking about.


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