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Not One Failure

Be honest with yourself .. do an "in depth" analysis .. and you will find the truth ..

Acknowledge with all your heart and soul that of all the promises of good that Yahweh your God has made you, not one has failed; all have been fulfilled, and not one has failed.  Joshua 23:14


What is Light?

What is Light?

According to science - "light" is simply a name for a range of electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by the human eye .. and electromagnetic radiation has a "dual nature" .. as both particles and waves. One way to look at it is as changing electric and magnetic fields which propagate through space, forming an electromagnetic wave. This wave has amplitude, which is the brightness of the light, wavelength, which is the color of the light, and an angle at which it is vibrating, called polarization. This was the classical interpretation, crystallized in Maxwell's Equations, which held sway until Planck, Einstein and others came along with quantum theory. In terms of the modern quantum theory, electromagnetic radiation consists of particles called photons, which are packets ("quanta") of energy which move at the speed of light. In this particle view of light, the brightness of the light is the number of photons, the color of the light is the energy contained in each photon, and four numbers (X, Y, Z and T) are the polarization. Which interpretation is correct? Both of them, actually. It turns out electromagnetic radiation can have both wave-like and particle-like properties as demonstrated in experiments such as the dual slit experiment. In this exploration of light, we will primarily take the wave viewpoint as it is a more useful description of the everyday properties of light, but keep in mind that both viewpoints are valid, and sometimes we will use the quantum viewpoint too.

God is Light !! .. and according to the Bible - "God" can be detected by the human person who has "eyes to see and ears to hear" .. even though they be blind and dumb from birth.  In our world - electromagnetic radiation may have a "dual nature" as both particles and waves, and is constantly changing as it propagates through space. This wave has amplitude, which is the brightness and wavelength which is the color .. and an "angle" at which it is vibrating, called polarization.

BigDaddy's interpretation of God - as Light .. He has a "dual nature" as both God and Man ( in Christ Jesus ), but never changing - God is the same yesterday, today and forever .. and God as Light is not held captive to the confines of darkness, time, space or matter, and yet, is faster than the speed of light .. So, in closing - BigDaddy's classical interpretation, crystallized in BigDaddy's Mind Equation says this: when it comes to "angles" men can't figure out whether they are coming or going.  

The THREE KEYS of SUCCESS to accomplish "anything" in this life!

Whether you're searching for the "keys to the kingdom" of God .. or the keys to success in your personal life, your family, your marriage, your business .. there is a simple formula. So simple  and so basic .. therein lies the dilema of men ..

The THREE (3) KEYS! .. three keys needed to open the doors to success .. in anything !

Consider that ... Once upon a time there was a very wise sage..

or a pregnant mom, or a very rich man, or a big landowner, or a woman who was recovering from drug addiction, or a super wealthy computer guru, or a beggar without any hands or legs, or a  Vietnam Veteran, or a young Marine who just arrived back from a tour of Duty in the Middle East ..  GO AHEAD - YOU PICK YOUR MIND IMAGE !

Now, there was A News Reporter who came up and said:  ----  We're Doing A Series on SUCCESS! ... and I would like to know what your thoughts are on the subject.

After thinking briefly ... this answer came - "All I know is this "one thing" ... in order to be successful at anything there are THREE IMPORTANT KEYS ...

1. You must "know" in your own "knower" ... WHAT TO DO.

2. You must "know" in your own "knower" ... HOW TO DO IT.


Being a SUCESS AT ANYTHING , REQUIRES ALL THREE! ... Being a "good soldier" or a good Mom or a good priest or a good deacon, or a person overcoming an addiction or a good Marine or a soldier of Christ!

When you "consider" this thought, I pray that you will seek God's Face!


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