Finding God on the Internet -


All across the world wide web [INTERNET] as we know it today .. believers can examine ideas of Faith, descriptions of Religion, spiritual facts as put forth by God - in fact, some might think that the internet is changing our ideas of who God is and what He has been telling mankind for thousands of years. Sure, some people believe that the Internet is a transformative place where their eyes might envision some sort of world wide tapestry of ideas .. some sort of cosmic cathedral of their mind .. a place where ideas about God can resonate and where one's faith can be shaped and defined by some collective spirit of forces set up to change the world whereby ordinary people - Christians, Jews,  Muslims, Buddhists and others might interconnect and begin to find God in places we never imagined.


WHERE IS GOD? .. a question asked over thousands of years .. The Ultimate Question we all ask at one time or another. The answer has more to do with His presence in our lives rather than with a belief in His existence - a definte paradox for many - as they want to know -- where is God when I hurt .. or where is God in America today? .. what is desperately wrong? .. God is the place to begin .. Be sensible and think this out! have we been 'snookered' today .. in the wrong battles on  #facebook, #twitter, #newsmedia ..   


How should Christians think through issues of social justice? Should we be involved in cultural and political matters? These relevant questions and reminders for us - what is #seen and #unseen in our ultimate citizenship in God's Kingdom.



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