If any of you need wisdom, ask God for it. He will give it to you. God gives freely to everyone. He doesen't find fault. James 1:5 (NIRV)

Deception, Desire, Lust, Sex, Anger – Gay Life Perspective

There is a prevailing deception today .. one very powerful evidently .. so powerful it makes people risk their souls .. give up family relationships .. jeopardize their health, and their integrity before Almighty God – The deception is that which is defined in Romans 1:18-32 .. it may be your battle for success for material wealth .. it may be your desires for another man or woman and a gay lifestyle .. it may be that same sex marriage you think is the answer .. maybe flirting with a homo-sexual relationship as a teenager ..

Many of us decide somethings without giving God His rightful place in our lives .. we simply do not acknowledge Him or we say we are “aetheists” .. and therefore we are not responsible to any God – To uncover the truth, we need only ask ourselves, What is God’s View of all this? Taking a little “perspective” from Holy Scripture .. you might read about God’s Anger Against Sinners and how God feels about those who turn away from truth .. The truth that is plain to them .. deep inside their spirit!

What comes in the order of God’s created “natural world” order .. things seen every day and known and seen and experienced all around you every day  .. Those things that can be seen in what God has made – the birds, bees, cattle, horses, rabbits .. as a result you are responsible and have no excuse for what you do. If waht you do in life refuses to acknowledge God before men .. and doesn’t honor him as God .. and you refuse to thank him – you’re thinking becomes worthless. Your foolishness and inner self becomes darker and darker – and yet you claim to be wise and smart. Your idols and things you honor and look to – things like horoscopes, feelings of lust and desires based solely on emotions and “feeling good” .. people and other voices you tend to listen to .. do these things give “honor to God” .. do they Glorify His Name? If you persist .. God will let you go and have the desires of a sinful heart .. He will allow your perverse and sexual desires .. and then as a result – pollution of all sorts!

What is TRUTH? .. you know what God’s Truth is .. yet you continue on the path of unrighteousness ( wrong living ) .. you refuse to worship God as your Creator… and give Him the praise and honoe He deserves .. as men we follow our shameful longings .. our self-centered passions .. and what comes of them? Look around us today – women and men living in not natural ways – homosexuality, lesbianism, same sex marriages .. burning in sexual longings that are not natural.

Whenever you “choose” to think it is not important to know God .. God will let you go and allow you to live in your own devices – keep doing the things you shouldn’t do… just consider your sin .. and remember it is a “choice” .. consider the things you see and hear each day on the news – greed, scams, robbery, murder, sexual perversions, child abuse, theft, fighting, cheating .. the hatefulness toward others – all rooted in rudeness and pride .. people bragging about the new ways to do evil .. like a college student sueing her parents over an education – such foolishness pervades where we live today. We “know” deep in our “knower” that God’s commands are right, just and true – yet what do we choose to do – it’s up to you!

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