If any of you need wisdom, ask God for it. He will give it to you. God gives freely to everyone. He doesen't find fault. James 1:5 (NIRV)

God is awakening hearts and lives with the Truth of Jesus in the Muslim world.

Leading The Way Continues to Impact Indonesia One Year After Revival Gatherings in places like Jakarta. Their ministry is continuing to impact the world’s largest Muslim nation. Dr. Michael Youssef preached at last year’s revival gatherings in Indonesia and the Indonesian revival was only the beginning of a long-term outreach to Indonesia .. using THE KINGDOM SAT , satelite network reaches out in the Indonesian language. Now anyone in Indonesia with a satellite dish will have access to the Gospel of Jesus .. subtitled in their language. That’s remarkable growth from just a simple stadium evangelistic outreach .. and is a good example of “Courageous Faith Outreach” ..

Former Muslim extremists – now becoming evangelists .. and risking their lives to bring people to know Jesus Christ .. and here in America .. what do we do to further the Kingdom of God around the world? .. Dr. Youssef is first to ask .. urging people to pray that Leading The Way’s satellite broadcasts will give boldness to all those who listen .. Pray for those who have given their lives to Christ at the threat of their own lives .. something we do not worry about in the USA  .. pray that they would be courageous and that they will stand up for their new found faith in Jesus. Pray that God would give them courage, and pray for those who are still teetering on making a decision, that they will make that right decision. With reinforcement from the satellite broadcasts, pray that it will be a great encouragement to those who made a decision, but are in hiding, as they are in fear just like the early church we read about in the Bible – and ask yourself – What Can I Do?

Sharing the Word with the World is the Goal of Leading The Way – In the coming year, Leading The Way plans to distribute 10,000 solar-powered Navigator devices across Indonesia. The Navigator comes pre-loaded with Biblical messages in a dual-language format, allowing us to target over 20 language groups. These “pocket missionaries” provide access to the Word of God in remote regions and areas hostile to the Gospel, enabling us to reach the lost and help believers grow in God’s Word. Already people have received countless blessings and given testimonies in Indonesia .. especially the young – like a 14 year old girl in West Borneo, Indonesia, said, “I feel so blessed by all the teachings I hear through the Navigator, especially the messages on Matthew 6:33. God alone fills whatever lack we have.” .. or a prison inmate who shared, “The messages on the Navigator help me to overcome my fear as I serve out my sentence.”

Join Us in Our Mission work .. join with Dr. Michael Youssef and Leading The Way – as God uses this global outreach to transform lives – Muslims are finding Jesus Christ .. and The Truth. Persecuted Christians around the world are finding hope and strength through the internet and satellite broadcasts .. modern technology can be used for good – Please continue to join with us in proclaiming God’s Word .. God’s Name .. throughout the world. When you give to Leading The Way, or to this ministry you are helping us proclaim the Gospel to many who have never even heard the name of Jesus. Through the internet ( The World Wide Web ) and other international broadcasting channels like Leading The Way Navigators, and on-the-ground follow-up they provide – God is awakening hearts and lives. Please continue to share the Truth of Christ in the Muslim world.

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