If any of you need wisdom, ask God for it. He will give it to you. God gives freely to everyone. He doesen't find fault. James 1:5 (NIRV)

Intercede or write an obituary – CONCLUSION

In Colossians 1:9-12, http://tinyurl.com/mbjbdgx Paul includes a powerful prayer for his fellow Christians. His example gives us six (6) ways to intercede on another person’s behalf – in conclusion consider this:

When Paul wrote this he did not have Matthew 7:7-11 to read .. so I might suggest you consider what it says .. http://tinyurl.com/lgva428 then IN CONCLUSION ..

6. Keep Praying that your friend will come to express joyous gratitude to Our Father for His grace and mercy. Contemplate the Name of God – “El-Channun” .. The Gracious God – Our Father Who Is Most Gracious to us .. His children!

Speak to God about the challenges to remain thankful .. especially when it seems we’re experiencing unpleasant circumstances .. everything seems to come against us to steal our joy and diminish our witness – remember that Satan often uses times of difficulty to bombard us with destructive thoughts, negative things, and even some negative things said to us by others – Pray that your friend – son or daughter – neighbor – will have a thankful heart, maybe develop a smile or share a word of gratitude with others as a testament to the good work of God in his or her life.

In Conclusion – As Christians, we are connected to Our Father – God Almighty, El Shaddai, OUR All Sufficient God who has authority over all things, knows all things, and loves us unconditionally. And He wants to hear the desires of our hearts and give us wonderful blessings through our relationship with His Son Jesus – If we come to Him asking for wisdom and the strength to walk in His ways, He will answer our prayers – and if you have any doubt whatsoever then take this moment to read Psalm 91 – http://tinyurl.com/lpjf2ph

Think about someone whose life you want to impact for eternal good .. who has been on your heart lately .. of whom have you been dreaming about and it’s been bugging you as to “why”? .. Spend time each morning petitioning God to work in that person’s life, according to Paul’s example in Colossians 1:9-12 .. and when one of your friends asks you — what can I pray about for YOU .. share and ask them to pray for you in this same way. Then, as you intercede for others, you will begin to see God – and Praise His NAME as He changes their lives and they also experience the blessings of His Holy Name.

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