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“Leading The Way” for Muslims USA – Dr. Michael Yousseff

From an email This Week from “Leading The Way” .. by Dr. Michael Yousseff

How Can We Reach Boston? .. this is what he wrote: “Ibi is a Muslim immigrant from Palestine. While imprisoned, he listened to Leading The Way programming every week because it was the only source of comfort he could find in his mother tongue.” “Roda could not get her son to read the Bible or listen to any Christian messages. As she spoke primarily Arabic, and he spoke primarily English, language was a barrier. But one day, while riding in the car, they were both able to connect spiritually as they heard Dr. Youssef’s message broadcast in both English and Arabic.” “After a church member shared details of Leading The Way’s local radio program with a Muslim taxi driver, the taxi driver replied, ‘I listen to this every week! The first time I found this station, I couldn’t believe that I was hearing something in my own language in America.'”

Ibi, Roda, and the Muslim taxi driver all shared the same need: access to the Gospel in their own language. But what other surprising similarity do these Leading The Way listeners share?  .. They do not live in the Middle East or North Africa—they live in Richmond, Va.

In March 2013, faithful partners helped Leading The Way raise the funds needed to continue Arabic-English broadcasting in Richmond, VA. These are the testimonies they received in response .. testimonies of God transforming hearts and overcoming language barriers in our own backyard – Outside of Washington, DC and The East Coast. Several weeks later on April 15, 2013, two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring hundreds more. It was later revealed that the event was a blatant terrorist attack executed by two young Muslim extremists.

The impact of our outreach on the Muslim community in Richmond got Dr. Michael Youssef and his staff thinking .. how can we reach Boston?

If you live in the Philadelphia area, join Dr. Michael Youssef this Wednesday at 7 p.m. for a special WFIL Listener Appreciation Night. You won’t want to miss this special opportunity to hear from Leading The Way’s Founder and President. It’s not too late to register for this free event!

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