If any of you need wisdom, ask God for it. He will give it to you. God gives freely to everyone. He doesen't find fault. James 1:5 (NIRV)

NAME STUDY .. Learning of God – Learn of His Name – Our God Reveals Himself

Psalm 62 – Psalm 62:1-2

I find my rest in God alone.
He is the One who saves me.
He alone is my rock. He is the One who saves me.
He is like a fort to me. I will always be secure.

EXAMPLE: Take a Psalm of David .. like a part of Psalm 62 above, and read it .. or read the entire Psalm, and then take those areas where the Psalmist speaks of GOD .. or attributes a description or phrase to God .. like “the One Who saves” .. or “my rock” .. or “like a fort to me”  ..

Now take that descriptive phrase and use the Names of God .. and search out the best and most appropraite “Name of God” .. to fit that phrase or description and discover what The God of Heaven .. The Creator of All .. will reveal of Himself to you.

Pray and ASK GOD .. as you read .. to give you “eyes to see” .. and “ears to hear” .. and “ears to see” .. and “eyes to hear” ..

rest in God alone – ELOHIM – The first use of Elohim is found in Genesis 1:1 which reads “In the beginning God (Elohim) created the heaven and the earth,…” and that name is used exclusively from Genesis 1:1 through Genesis 2:3. It occurs over 2,550 times in the entire Old Testament .. take a moment and read here .. http://www.iaskgod.com/content/elohim

the One who saves – go where you wish .. and take any “Name of God” .. and learn and listen .. as God, by His Holy Spirit .. will take you .. http://www.iaskgod.com/content/who-jesus-good-man-or-god

my rock. – now study this term “my rock” .. The Name of God – “El Sali” – The God of My Strength –  (Psalm 42:10) My Rock… now if you read in 1 Peter, you will begin to understand that Jesus was also known as Our Rock, The Rock of our salvation .. see Psalm 18:2 –

The Lord is my rock and my fort. He is the One who saves me.
My God is my rock. I go to him for safety.
He is like a shield to me. He’s the power that saves me. He’s my place of safety.

Why God is bigger than your circumstances .. because He says so .. ask God to help your “unbelief” .. PSALM 62:6 ..  ASK GOD? .. what do you want me to hear about you today? … Our Father .. what should I be looking for? .. What should I be listening for from you today? ..

Father in Heaven .. help me to see you today as the great “I AM” .. not a “little god” like the many “gods” in my life – but “The Great God” .. El Haggodol .. Jehovah Elohim .. El Shaddei …

God can and will work through you in a wonderful way .. if YOU INVITE HIM INTO YOUR LIFE ..

OUR GOD IS GREATER THAN  .. a series of problems .. a low self esteem .. the problems in the lives of our family .. any force that is coming against you .. evil thoughts and desires in your life .. your circumstances .. the worries of today that occupy your mind .. or the wrong passions that tend to drive you .. give a listen and see .. http://youtu.be/zlA5IDnpGhc

You don’t have to be a preacher to know and understand that God is bigger, greater and more powerful than all your circumstances .. Give God His Rightful Place In Your Life Today

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