Why Jesus Christ .. “died for you and me” – Holy Week Thoughts

This is a great video teaching .. especially for those who think “good works” .. is the way .. or members of “denominations” that shy away from the teachings of The REAL TRUTH .. Jesus is The WAY .. The TRUTH .. and THE LIFE .. spend a few minutes learning of the Death of […]

Thirty pieces of silver – what’s YOUR PRICE?

In Old Testament times, thirty pieces of silver was the value of a slave accidentally gored to death by an ox. The amount given to the prophet Zechariah is an intentional insult for the rejected shepherd, who was a pre-figure of the Messiah. In a prophetic fulfillment that occurred centuries later, that same sum of […]

Being reconciled to God an invitation to exercise your faith.

We know that God loves everyone .. He said so in His Word – but this wonderful truth has been twisted to mean that He would never limit His grace by claiming Jesus is the only way to be saved. Jesus said: I am the WAY, the TRUTH .. and the Life – READ John […]